1:1 Private Coaching 


Are you longing for more fulfillment in your career and life? Would you like to finally go for what you really want?

Do you desire to up-lift your confidence again and get back on track with being that strong, go getter women that you are?

Then listen up my dear, because this is for you. 

My name is Katja Navarra and my purpose is to help you create the life you truly want. I want you to get in touch with what really excites you and help you overcome whatever is holding you back right now.

Women come to me, because they are confused about what they want. Or they have a hard time going for what they want. They feel stuck and discouraged, because for whatever reason they think they can't. 

But you can. You are enough.
And you have all you need already. 


I show women how to stay true to themselves and simply be their most authentic self. And from THAT place on, start taking inspired action to achieve their goals.

It's acutually way easier then you might think. It's a process. It takes time but it's truly empowering and effective.


How do I know? Well I've been there myself. 

After leaving my initial career in health promotion in my early 30s to go build a new one abroad in the creative field I had zero experience in before, I went through almost two years of struggle "figuring out" my path that I really started doubting myself, my dreams and aspirations. 

The good thing about that crises was, that I felt forced to face my insecurities and eventually reach out for mentors that helped me gain clarity and confidence. That's when things started to shift rapidly. 

With their support I developed the right strategies to cope with my fears and keep moving myself forward in the direction of my authentic desires.

Years later, I again went through another major transition in my life, when shifting away from the creative field and starting my own coaching practice. I applied the same strategies I've learned before again and took a leap of faith a second time.

It all starts with gaining clarity.
When you're crystal clear, you become unstoppable.

The secret to successfully realizing my dreams and finding what I truly love is what I intuitively started to develop when designing my way forward in life. It's what I will share with you so you can do it too.

If you want to see things changing and moving in the direction you really desire, then you need to GAIN CLARITY first, embrace a new, empowering MINDSET and get into smart, inspired ACTION. 

You can not expect new results,
by keep doing the same. 

As long as you are vague, insecure, confused, it means you are not really there yet. But you will be. I can show you how.

Details 1:1 Coaching 

In the private coaching we'll clarify what it is that you'd like to achieve (we'll uncover you true desires) and where exactly you're holding back and why. 

I'm going to check on your mindset (note: help you shift those old nasty limiting beliefs), show you how to positively re-frame your situation, let go of strategies that don't serve you anymore and support you in using new ones that will move you closer to where you know you can get to. 

The result?

You finally going for your dreams and feeling so good about yourself again! In-sync, confident and motivated to take action. It's the magic that I do. 

Change always feels scary at first, but together we'll manage to twist your world around! Promised.


Ready to finally see the positive shifts you deserve?