Hello my dear, 

I'm glad you're interested in a 20’ clarity call and have the desire to change something about your career and work life. If you found this page, we have spoken personally together or I have been recommended privately to you by somebody you know. 

However – you’re here, because you know what I do and that I can support you as well, in finding work you're meant to do. 

As we have had direct or indirect contact, I would like to give you the priority before all other external applicants, in case you want to accept this free offer:


DO YOU WANT ME TO HELP YOU Gain Clarity And Find out what you're Really Meant to do with your career...?

..and This at NO cost? 

In the next 48 hours, I have reserved some time to speak with you in person about what currently moves you and how we can unlock your true potential and find the perfect career for you. You will be living a fulfilled work life and become the strong, confident women that is finally happy in a job that suits her 100%. 

During this private consultation session, we will develop a step-by-step plan, which will show you, how you can find out what you actually want to do with your career, raise your confidence and stop holding yourself back..

The best thing about it: I help you for freE!

And no worries, I am not going to waste your time – quite the opposite! I am so convinced that I can help you that I am offering you the following...

My promise:

After our talk, if you don’t see how it is also possible for you to find the fulfilling career of your dreams and stop holding yourself back, then I will send you 300CHF for your „wasted time“...


Although, this is not for everyone!

  • You must be unhappy, frustrated or unfulfilled with your current work situation...

  • You must feel an urgency to make a change...

  • You really need to want to advance and develop yourself...

  • You must have the desire to get fully confident and believe in yourself...

  • You have to be comfortable with the thought that you need to make time and invest in yourself...

  • You have to be serious, committed and willing to take action to experience the changes you desire...


Does this sound like you? Then CLICK ON THE BUTTON right here:

Attention: Only few sessions left in the upcoming weeks!


I am looking forward to talking to you soon!

Much Love,


Katja Navarra
Life & Clarity Coach, M.A. Psychology

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