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Hi! I’m Katja Navarra, a life and clarity coach for female professionals who want to be happier and more fulfilled in their lives.

My dear, hand on heart: Are you doing what you love?
Or have you ever asked yourself: “Was that it?”. Is this really the life and career I want?

A lot of people are perfectly fine with staying where they are, even if they're not really happy with it. And that’s fine, if it works for them. But YOU maybe start realizing that things don’t feel right anymore.

You deserve more
than being stuck in your frustrating job.


You feel, that you can not continue like this. And you are ready to find out what excites you again. 

But you might feel scared and confused. Maybe even alone with your situation. Most people don’t get you. But I do. I fully do.

There’s nothing wrong with you. In fact: You are awesome. You’re sensitive and intuitive. You can’t fake what feels wrong.

And THAT is, what will make you twist things around, and go find what you are actually meant to be doing with you life.
If you allow to fully trust yourself.


It's a journey towards designing the life and career YOU want.

Maybe right now you're just too vague about what you’re actually heading for. Or you're discouraged and low on confidence. 

That’s exactly where I will help you get back on track. It's a process. You will gain crystal clarity about yourself, unleash your purpose and learn to overcome what is holding you back.