Hi! I’m Katja Navarra, a life and clarity coach for women who want to be happy and fulfilled in their lives.

My dear, hand on heart: Are you doing what you love? - If not, how come? I know you probably can name a lot of reasons. But the truth is: They are not why you’re holding back. If you really want and desire a change in your career, there is a way. Always. I’ve seen it. I’ve been there.

A lot of people are perfectly fine with staying where they are. Even if they're not really happy with it. They don’t ask for more. And that’s cool, if it's fine for them. But YOU know there is more out there for you.

You deserve more
than being stuck in your frustrating job.


You've had enough of being frustrated and unfulfilled in your job. You are ready to find what excites you again. Inside you have that inner knowing, that it's all out there waiting for you. 

But you might feel scared and confused. Maybe even alone with your dreams. Most people don’t get you. But I do. I fully do.

There’s nothing wrong with you. In fact: You are awesome. You’re sensitive and intuitive. You can’t fake what feels wrong.

And THAT is, what will make you twist things around, and go find your perfect dream job. If you finally allow to fully trust yourself.


It's a journey towards designing the life YOU want.

You know it's possible to find a fulfilling work. Maybe right now you're just too vague about what you’re actually heading for. Or you're discouraged and low on confidence. 

That’s exactly where I will help you get back on track. It's a process. You will gain crystal clarity about yourself and what you can do and learn to overcome what is holding you back. It’s highly effective process and so much fun, if you get the right person on your side.


You will gain clarity and raise your confidence
to pursue a better opportunity.
You have all you need already, right now.

How do I know? Well, I went through the process myself. At 31, I radically changed my life because it all felt wrong: Wrong career, wrong place, wrong city. I wanted to find my true path. I knew this was not where I was meant to be. 

So I left all that I’ve successfully built up so far, to go find out what my true calling was - despite being so confused and insecure like I've never been before. I quit my well payed job, moved abroad and restarted again to go design a career and LIFE ON PURPOSE - while finally being nothing but my true, authentic self. 

For me, this has been the key to finding true fulfillment in my work life and in my life in general.

This is exactly what I help women like you achieve as well. Because you absolutely can.