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Hi! I’m Katja Navarra, a life and clarity coach for female professionals who want to be happier and more fulfilled with themselves and what they are doing.

My dear, hand on heart: Are you doing what you love?
Or have you ever asked yourself: “What am I doing this all for?”. “Was that it?. Is this really the life and career I want?“


You deserve more
than being stuck in your
frustrating job.

Maybe you start realizing that things don’t feel right anymore. You desire a positive change in your career life. But it feels confusing or you’re currently lacking the courage and confidence to approach the change.

But maybe you’re simply too unclear what you’re actually heading for or you don’t know where and how to start. 

And that is exactly where I can support you.


 Here’s how it works

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Katja is a rare kind of coach with the right balance of wisdom and motivation. Her method is smart, empathetic, and empowering. It not only helped me get unstuck, but motivated me to act on the things I was too afraid to admit I wanted. In our sessions, Katja helped me see my past experience in a new way, build on it, and clearly outline what I want from my future. This clarity has been invaluable and I feel more in sync with myself than ever!
— Mariya
Besides offering a coaching approach specialized on designing a work life that you don’t just „do“ but actually love, Katja manages in a unique way to enrich the client in the whole individual sum in a professional and emphatic way. It brings light into the dark and I would recommend a coaching with her to anyone who is at the crossroads or just feels ‘lost’.
— Luise
After some negative experiences with another coach I was very careful in choosing the new one. But working with Katja was such a positive surprise that I can’t even believe I found such a great coach! Not only did she motivate and inspire me, but she also offered me very helpful knowledge and useful tools that I have been using for my own project since then. I believe that very often we do not trust our gut feeling and are stuck in our fear or safety zone. Katja helped me to see the situation from a different perspective, she took the stress out of me and helped me to design my own future. Now I feel free and let myself be creative in my decisions. Already 2 months after taking her coaching, I have changed my life in the new direction and I love it now! I am very grateful to Katja and will highly recommend her sessions to anyone who is dissatisfied in their professional life and is looking for the right solutions.
— Marina
YOU set a great frame for the coaching and enabled me to speak about my topics in complete confidence. An unbelievably great experience of being understood by a “stranger”. You brought my topics to the point. Thank you for opening my eyes. I have been working on them - I think the topics even work on my own since they were so clearly named by you for the first time ... It’s great what gets rolling when you allow it and have such a great support like you at one’s side .... THANKS Katja
— Kristin

About Me

After leaving my initial career at a renowned international organization in health promotion in my early 30s to go build a new one abroad in the creative field I had zero experience in before, I went through so much struggle "figuring out" my path, that I really started doubting myself, my goals and aspirations. 

The good thing was, that I felt forced to face my insecurities and eventually reach out for mentors that helped me gain invaluable clarity and confidence. That's when things started to shift rapidly and I consistently kept realizing my dreams and doing work I truly love.

Today, I help women like you understand what it is that you really want to do with your career next and take action on your desires. So that you can live a new sense of confidence, purpose and fulfillment.