My name is Katja Navarra and my purpose is to help you create the career and life you truly want. I want for you to get in touch with what really excites you and do the work you are meant to be doing.


Find your calling.
You have all you need already. Let's unlash it.


Women come to me, because they are frustrated and unfulfilled with themselves and their work life.

They usually feel stuck and confused about what it is that they want to do. Or they have a hard time going for what they want, because for whatever reason they feel discouraged.

I show women like you, how to bring light into your current situation and guide you in finding or creating your fulfilling dream job.


It's a process. A truly creative, empowering and effective one.


You can find your perfect job. Now.

After leaving my initial career at an international organization in health promotion in my early 30s to go build a new one abroad in the creative field I had zero experience in before, I went through almost two years of struggle "figuring out" my path, that I really started doubting myself, my goals and aspirations. 

The good thing about that crises was though, that I felt forced to face my insecurities and eventually reach out for mentors that helped me gain invaluable clarity and confidence. 

That's when things started to shift rapidly and I created my dream job and career, exactly how I had imagined it. 

Years later, I went through another major transition, when starting my own coaching practice and taking a leap of faith a second time.

It all starts with gaining clarity.
When you're crystal clear, you become unstoppable.

The secret to successfully and consistently realizing my dreams and doing work I truly love, is what I work on with female professionals.

If you want to see things changing and moving in the direction you really desire in your work life, then you need to GAIN CLARITY first and then master taking the right ACTION. 

As long as you are vague, insecure or going in circles, it means you are not there yet. But you will be. I can show you how.

You can not expect new results,
by keep doing the same. Get a mentor and try something new!

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